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Group Dinners

Thursday August 25
6:30 pm
Place: Super Rica Taqueria
622 N Milpas St., Santa Barbara

Those needing or giving rides, meet at KITP front entrance at 6:00PM

Sign up, and indicate whether you need or can give a ride.

Markus Luty - needs ride
Jessie Shelton - need ride
Dan Phalen + Family - Sorry, no space
Sufang Su + 3, can take 4
Sergei Dobovsky - needs ride


Thursday August 25

I suggest lunch at UCEN, leaving from KITP at 12:15.

Jazz & Folk Music

SB has but one place that features jazz and folk: SOhO Restaurant & Music Club . They have decent food if you want to eat before/during a performance.By the way, if you want a food (not drink) discount, you can buy a coupon from restaurant.com. (Read the fine print.) Nominally, they sell a $25 food coupon for $10, but they nearly always are running a promotion which reduces the price to $2-$5.
A hidden gem and great place to go on a weekend afternoon is Cold Springs Tavern, located at an old stage coach stop in the back country about 25 minutes away by car. It's a nice drive into the mountains (and a favorite spot of motorcyclists on the weekend) and on days when it is cold and foggy in SB it is sunny and warm there. The weekend afternoon music is generally folk/blues and, in particular, Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan (on Sunday) are very good Santa Barbara classics. There is decent food, beer and local wines during the day, and in the evening, a very good restaurant that specializes in wild game. Would be a good place to go after a hike at Red Rock.

Hiking around Santa Barbara

The above page recommends Rattlesnake Canyon, but notes that it's within the recently burned area. Another great hike that lies further east, outside the burned area, is the San Ysidro Trail.

Sport Activities


I'll be riding most weekday mornings and on the weekends from July 5th - July 22nd. I'm hoping to get in shorter rides during the week before coming into work (probably up Old San Marcos and other local routes, ~90 minutes) and longer rides on the weekends (Gibraltar and the like). Company is quite welcome! (Nathaniel Craig)

I will be going on bike rides over the next few weekends (25th/26th of June, 2nd/3rd of July ... I'm here until 22nd of July). Let me know if you want to join. I like going into Summerland (Cafe Luna) and/or Carpinteria (I have been seeing dolphins and there are rumored to be sea lions); on the side of the mountains around Cielito (pretty views); I'm also planning on going up Gibraltar and down San Marcos (that's 3500 feet climb but should be quite a bit less than 10% steepness almost all the time). I'm open to other routes as well if you are looking for people to join you. (Hannes Roberts)

Between 6/6 and 6/19:
For anyone who is a serious road cyclist, there is an epic ride to the top of, and along, the ridge overlooking both Santa Barbara and the backcountry that goes to the top of the highest peak in the Santa Ynez mountains, ~4000ft above Santa Barbara. Having done this ride dozens (hundreds?) of times, it's an old favorite and I will be riding it at least 3-5 times between 6/6 and 6/19 either early in the morning or in the evening depending upon weather and schedule. The ride is about 40 miles round trip from UCSB and has roughly 4500 ft. total climbing with some steep sections well above 10%, so a triple (or some strong legs) are a necessity. I'd be happy to lead a group on this ride sometime in the next two weeks (or explain the route to you), so let me know if you are interested. (Tim Nelson)
I'll join you, I'm free Saturday afternoon or all day Sunday. It is indeed a classic ride. I started doing it regularly last summer to train for the Santa Barbara Century, which incorporates it as part of its 9000 ft. vertical. You might try Harry Nelson who also did the SBC, though he's scaled back a bit. (Joe Polchinski)