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Marty Einhorn

I am Deputy Director at KITP with an abiding interest in particle physics and cosmology.

Steve Giddings

I'm based at UCSB and my recent work has been primarily on gravitational scattering/quantum gravity, inflationary cosmology, and AdS/CFT, although I am very interested in new physics possibilities at the LHC.

Ben Gripaios

Based at CERN. Interested in models of physics BSM and methods for their exclusion, discovery, and discrimination at the LHC.

David Krohn

Based at Harvard. I'm interested in all aspects of LHC physics. Recently I've worked on experimental anomalies (top asymmetry, W+jets), boosted objects, and jet algorithms.

Tao Liu

Based at UCSB. Interested in physics beyond the Standard Model and some relevant topics, including experimental anomalies (top asymmetry,...), collider physics (Higgs searches,...), flavor physics, dark matter and baryogenesis.

Markus A. Luty

Current research: Conformal technicolor, non-standard Higgs phenomenology, dark matter/hidden sectors

Steve Martin

Research interests: LHC searches for new physics, especially non-mSUGRA SUSY

Ann Nelson

My research interests: Experimental anomalies, hidden sectors, portals, supersymmetry breaking, flavor physics, dark matter, exotic neutrino physics, dark energy, electroweak symmetry breaking, CP violation, tilted universe, strong dynamics

Tim Nelson (experimentalist)

Research Interests: stable massive particles, unusual tracking signatures, hidden sectors / dark matter

Yasunori Nomura

Quantum mechanics in the multiverse, general LHC phenomenology

Gavin Salam

Based at CERN and Princeton. Most of my recent work has been devoted to the question of how to exploit the properties of QCD to improve the potential for discoveries at the LHC.

Slava Rychkov

Based in Paris. Research interests: CFT dynamics, Conformal Technicolor, Transplanckian scattering, Higgsless and composite-Higgs models of EWSB

Felix Yu

In transition from UC Irvine to Fermilab. General interests in collider phenomenology, flavor physics, SUSY breaking model building, dark matter reconstruction methods at colliders.